Living on the Melbourne is all about outdoor living. Whether you enjoy a BBQ or simply having a quiet drink with friends under the stars, why not make the best room in your house, your new outdoor room.

An outdoor entertainment area is not a new concept. They started out on the Queenslander house as large timber verandahs and have evolved to become sophisticated outdoor rooms, alfresco areas even with outdoor kitchens.

Generally Melbourne houses are orientated so that their living areas open out towards their best aspect, which takes advantage of either water, or garden views, or breezes. So why not add an outdoor room, that will merge indoor and outdoor living seamlessly, and add a degree of comfort to your outdoor living area, that can be enjoyed all year round.


Outdoor Rooms Melbourne

The Melbourne climate is ideal for outdoor living and outdoor rooms. So why not invest in an outdoor entertainment area, that can be used all year round.

An outdoor room design can create your perfect outdoor entertainment area, by ensuring that:

We recommend that outdoor rooms have a sense of enclosure, even if they are not in fact enclosed all around. Clever use of walls, posts, a bulkhead, handrails, balustrades and even plants can give outdoor rooms a sense of space, without it feeling restrictive. Therefore we try to limit the number of true walls that your outdoor room will actually have. Typically it will have one, being your outside wall of your house, with the remaining boundaries of the outdoor room being defined by outdoor decking, (ie outdoor flooring), a roof line (ie an outdoor patio) with outdoor lighting, outdoor ceiling fans, outdoor stairs and even outdoor kitchens.


Outdoor Rooms Melbourne

Brisbane also has an ideal climate for outdoor living. So why not invest in an outdoor entertainment area, that can be used all year round.

Your outdoor room design should not only maximise your views, your summer breezes and building materials as mentioned above, in Outdoor Rooms Melbourne, but it should also make the most of: