A Mega-Anchor is an ideal footing or foundation system that can be used for building certain types of decks, patios and outdoor rooms.

Why use a Mega Anchor for the Construction of Decks, Patios and Outdoor Rooms

The Mega-Anchor foundations system is a cost effective, fully certified footings system that can achieve a live load of 3 KPa (for residential deck construction) or 5KPa (for commercial boardwalk construction).

Where Can Mega-Anchor Foundations Be Used In Building Decks, Patios and Outdoor Rooms

Mega Anchor foundations can be used either:

  1. into fill, when building pool decking projects or new outdoor decks onto new houses that have recently been built and fill placed in the footprint of the proposed deck, patio or outdoor room, or
  2. in difficult to access sites, where heavy machinery is unable to access, or
  3. as a cost effective alternative to using either screw piles or driven piles, which have already been specified to be used by an structural engineer, or
  4. on canal decks, where the decking is in close proximity to revetment walls (say on a canal front), as the Mega-Anchor foundations will not place any load on the revetment wall. Designer Decks have successfully used Mega Anchor footings as deck foundations in many Gold Coast places including Cova Hope Island, Sanctuary Cove, Coomera Waters and Broadbeach Waters.

Can Mega Anchor Footings Be Used In Commercial Boardwalks?

Yes, a Mega-anchor footing can also be used as viable footings and foundations for commercial boardwalk construction.