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Final Stage, How to finish of your Deck

The use of stainless steel or aluminum nails is highly recommended for use on decking boards, as they will not stain the wood and never use electroplated nails as they will rust after rain showers. It is best to use three nails in a two by eight or two nails in two by fours or […]

Do it yourself AKA DIY Part 5

Once you have determined what spacing is required, begin with a nail at the center of one of the outer joists and measure along the ledger making a clear mark at your spacing (again we stated twenty four inches is adequate). Making additional marks (three quarters of an inch) to the left or right side […]

How To Build A Deck Part 4

Now it’s time to start dealing with the holes you’ll need for your other joists. Once you have determined the diameter and depth simply dig the necessary number of holes, being sure to dig good, straight walls. Be sure to dig until you hit stable undisturbed soil that does not settle, it is not recommended […]

How To Build A Deck Part 3

You are now ready to begin prepping your ledger board, and your first step will be to create the holes for your bolts (or screws). Check with your local zoning board to find out if they have any specific regulations for the location of the lag screws. Drill all of your holes with a bit […]

How To Build A Deck (Materials) Part 2

The materials you will need to build your deck include pier blocks, post anchors, nails, railing stock, lag bolts (or screws), flashing (if required), decking, ledger board, girder stock, band joists, caulk, water repellant, post stock, joist hanger sealers and nails, string, brackets (right angle), concrete and post caps. The most common mistakes in building […]

How To Build A Deck Part 1

You’ve decided it’s time to build the deck of your dreams and have it available for this summer’s entertainment of friends and family and you are handy enough to do it yourself! There are some basic things you are going to need to do before getting started, before you ever purchase one piece of material […]